Exemption from Social Security – the deadline for filing the declaration expires

Thanks to the provisions introduced by the anti-crisis shield 5.0, Polish entrepreneurs may count on further assistance. It is, among others, exemption from ZUS premiums and a parking benefit. To be able to apply for this support, certain conditions and deadlines have to be met. Those who submit their tax returns by the end of October can count on exemption from paying July, August and September premiums.

It should be reminded that the exemption from ZUS contributions provided for in the anti-crisis shield 5.0 covers entrepreneurs from the sectors most affected by the restrictions: tourism, hotel industry, organization and maintenance of fairs, conferences and exhibitions.

Additionally, the condition to obtain the exemption from ZUS is:
– conducting business before June 30, 2020,
– showing a minimum 75% decrease in revenue in relation to the previous year.

Applications for the exemption can be submitted until the end of November.
It should be emphasized that the exemption from ZUS will be granted only to those companies that will submit their settlement documents to ZUS by the end of October.
Within the framework of the anti-crisis shield 5.0, the persons conducting business activity may also apply for the standstill benefit. The right to it will be acquired by persons who run business as travel agents and tour guides. In case of travel agents, the condition to receive the funds is starting business activity before April 1, 2020.
Entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the standstill benefit must record a stoppage in business following the occurrence of COVID-19. They must also not be subject to social insurance on any other title, unless they are subject to pension and disability insurance on account of running a non-agricultural business activity.
Other conditions must be met by tourist guides. In their case, the activity should have a seasonal character and in 2019 should be carried out for no longer than 9 months. Guides who have suspended their business activities but after August 31, 2019 can apply for assistance.
“Shield 5.0” also introduces an additional parking benefit. Business guides who have already received a parking benefit previously can count on this assistance. The right to additional benefits will be entitled to entrepreneurs, tourism, hotel industry, organization and operation of trade fairs, conferences. This includes tourist transport, staging and performing in theatrical performances or running discotheques, electronic game rooms, beaches, and fairs.
Persons may apply for this benefit if they obtained income from their activity in the month (preceding the month of application), lower by at least 75 percent in relation to the income obtained in the same month in 2019. The additional parking benefit is not allowed more than three times.

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