Last minute – watch out for it

Last minute trips are very popular. Looking for a last minute vacation can be accompanied by haste, which is not conducive to a thorough study of the offers and reduces the chances of spotting any potential snags that may be hidden in them. Which clauses to watch out for in particular?
BB, HB, FB, Al. These are abbreviations that describe the type of food offered to us during the trip. BB (“Bed and Breakfast”), HB (“Half Board” – breakfast and dinner) and FB (“Full Board” – full board) are known to almost everyone, so understanding them should not cause much trouble. Slightly different, however, may be in the case of the also popular AI, and so all inclusive
. This is because the tour operators in this category increasingly distinguish for example ultra all inclusive, all inclusive soft, all inclusive light, and even total all inclusive. It is worth paying special attention to this, because they differ quite significantly in terms of services offered.
Last minute usually also includes hotel accommodation. Unfortunately, experience shows that we do not always know in which, because travel agencies can change the original offer and offer us a comparable accommodation in another place. It seems like nothing, but in this way you can often land in places where the availability of free places is not accidental – for example, the object is undergoing renovation, or in its neighborhood is ongoing onerous construction.
One of the tricks that travel agencies use to reduce the price of departure is to offer a low category of rooms. Although the resort looks impressive in the catalog – on site it turns out that the option purchased by us includes accommodation in the cheapest rooms often with a view of the kitchen, highway, or even trash. Instead of the sound of the sea we are lulled to sleep by the roar of the air conditioner, instead of the greenery outside the window we see a wall in shabby condition. In some cases it even comes to a situation in which tourists are accommodated together with the hotel staff. So if we do not necessarily want to be forced to learn about local customs and communities – we should make sure what type of room we buy as part of the trip.
When we want to resign from the trip there is a problem, because it turns out that such a possibility is subject to fees that we have to bear. Therefore, before signing the contract – let’s check what are the possible options for cancellation. If we already decide to resign – the best let’s inform the tour operator about it by registered mail.
Most of us know whether the tour is offered access, accommodation and food. However, along with them may appear other expenses, such as airport charges, tax, tourist visa fee, hotel beds, and even a daily surcharge for a child. The tour price that you pay to the tour operator in principle never exhausts all the expenses that you have to incur in connection with the trip and it is better to be prepared for this.
Every tour operator is obliged to insure their customers who are taking a trip abroad. However, in the case of cheaper trips, especially last minute, basic travel insurance with low amounts of medical expenses and accident insurance is a standard. If an accident or serious illness happens to us or our child during the vacation – such a policy will probably not be enough to cover the costs of medical care, as well as transport by ambulance or helicopter on the spot and to Poland. Therefore, before you leave, it is best to buy an individual travel insurance policy that will have a wide range of coverage and high sums insured.
Hours of charter flights can surprise and unfortunately not positively. About the fact that our flight to the last minute will be held at 3 in the morning, we usually learn at the last minute. Therefore, buying trip last minute let’s find out if the departure time is fixed, and if so – at what time, and also if, when and under what conditions may be changed. The second aspect of air travel is baggage allowances. Most of us remember that airlines have imposed strong restrictions on passengers regarding the number and weight of baggage carried. Charter carriers also specialize in this. So if you plan to take more luggage with you, for example, because you are traveling with a small child or you want to transport sports equipment – then it is best to check whether this type of baggage is included in your ticket, or be prepared for additional costs.

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